Mr. Anish MISHRA

Language Instructional Assistant


Anish graduated with an MPhil in Humanities (Philosophy and Religion) from HKUST- and specializes in the field of Environmental Aesthetics. His thesis made an attempt to add an Indian and Buddhist perspective to this field, and problematizing Climate Change through it. This interest stems from a continuous encountering of perspectives informed primarily by Western work, and in that is also an attempt to decolonize an important field. He now works at the Center for Language Education as an Instructional Assistant to aid English language learning activities.

Anish also volunteers with Belonging Research Network, which connects researchers and social workers to examine the idea of belonging and non-belonging.

Apart from his research, Anish enjoys the unique immersion with “nature” that Hong Kong allows one to have, in hiking and kayaking, all the while lacking an ability to swim. Having been extremely fortunate in meeting some amazing people in Hong Kong, every minute outside work is an attempt to spend time with them, be it through hiking, cycling, tennis, or karaoke!