Mr. Jerry WONG



Based on the experience acquired from my previous adult education institution and other universities, I have developed my own education philosophy. Helping students to achieve better independent learning has become the major rationale of my teaching philosophy. Under such a rationale, creating an interesting and communicative atmosphere, motivating students’ learning attitude, and giving appropriate instructions on guiding students have become the core features to accomplish my teaching beliefs. I am particularly glad to see students’ development being reflected in acquisition of wider contextual skill sets that better equip themselves in both academic study and communication.

Professional Interests

  • Continuing Professional Development

  • Assessment

  • Curriculum Evaluation

  • Advising and Language learning activities

  • Pedagogy 


2022 Working Paper

Review of blended learning in the Huma 1000

WONG, Kai Hung

Short Descriptions

While traditional face-to-face classroom practices and teaching are being used, computer-mediated activities are also heavily integrated into blended learning in the current higher education and professional training settings. The idea of the online portion replacing some basic face to face teaching highlights learning effectiveness and flexibility, which is promoted by the blended learning notion especially under the current pandemic. Indeed, teaching and learning effectiveness can be extensively affected by various external factors such as students’ level of attainment and learning background, with which experience also affects his/ her learning perception and psychology. They are some of the crucial factors determining the attainment through the notion of blended learning. The action research aims at investigating student’s learning perception and their learning background on influencing. The comparison between blended learning and fully traditional face-to-face can be even more vivid reference to indicate effective application of the blended learning notion in our course.

Possible Benefits

A key objective for this project is to investigate the following questions: How do curriculum design of blended learning in enhancing teaching effectiveness (learning objective) ? What are the different roles of teachers’ pedagogy between blended learning and normal class teaching ? How do the students’ perception of blended learning in affecting their own learning effectiveness (self evaluation) ? How do students’ level of attainment in determining their learning effectiveness through blended learning ?


The findings of the above questions shed lights on the way of improving student learning effectiveness and serves as a review to look at Huma1000 through better understanding of blended learning application. The result of the project will be presented through written report after data analysis.