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Sarah Carmichael, Wu Kam Yin and Joyce Lee

Designing and Evaluating a Genre-based Technical Communication Course Incorporating a Task-based Model of Instruction. Hong Kong Journal of Applied Linguistics 14, 2 (2013); pp. 20–44

2010 – 2011

Arthur McNeill

  • Refereed conference papers
    1. Teacher language awareness: insights from vocabulary knowledge profiles and individual teaching philosophies. Proceedings of the 16th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics, Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics, 2011
    2. From corpus to language curriculum: a data-based or data-driven exercise? Proceedings of EDULEARN11, International Association for Technology, Education and Development, 2011. ISBN: 978-84-615-0441-1

Claudia Keh

  • Book review
    1. Book review: T. Silva, P.K. Matsuda (Eds.), Practicing Theory in Second Language Writing Parlor Press, West Lafayette, Indiana, (2011). JJournal of Second Language Writing, 20(3), 2011, pp. 240-242

Amy Chi

When dictionaries support vocabulary learning, where to begin? In K. Akasu and S. Uchida (Eds.) ASIALEX ’11 Kyoto Proceedings: Lexicography: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives (pp. 76–85).

Applying formal vocabulary to academic writing: Is the task achievable? Reflections on English Language Teaching –Special Issue on Teacher as Researcher, J. C. Richards (Guest Ed.), 9(2), 171–190.

2009 September 2009 – January 2010

Arthur McNeill
Theoretical underpinnings of vocabulary learning and teaching. In Curriculum Development Institute, Enhancing Vocabulary Learning and Teaching at Primary Level , Hong Kong: Education Bureau (pp 1–15).

Arthur McNeill, Tony Lai, Sunny Wong, Annie Mueller and Adrian Tilley
Step Ahead for the New Senior Secondary Curriculum, Books 4A, 4B and 5, Hong Kong: Educational Publishing House.

K. Hyland and Polly Tse
The leading journal in its field: Evaluation in Journal Descriptions. Discourse Studies, 11/6: 703–20.

2009 February – August

Amy Chi

Relevance of EFL dictionaries in English teaching – “Will you still need me, when I’m sixty-four?” In J. Vitayapirak, W. Kiatchanapaibul (Eds) ASIALEX ’09 Bangkok Proceedings: Dictionary in Education (electronic publicaton). The Asian Association for Lexicography.

Gregory James

Aspects of the structure of entries in the earliest missionary dictionary of Tamil. In Otto Zwartjes, Ramon Arzapalo Marin & Thomas C. Smith-Stark (Eds), Missionary linguistics IV/ Linguistica misionera IV: Lexicography (pp. 273–301). Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2009.

Lau Wai-ling and Mok Wa
《普通話朗讀晉級—精讀六十篇》編著者:  劉慧玲、 莫華    出版者:香港印華實業有限公司 (2009年7月)

Richard Pemberton, Sarah Toogood and Andy Barfield (2009) Maintaining Control: Autonomy and Language Learning, Hong Kong University Press.

Polly Tse and K. Hyland
Discipline and gender: constructing rhetorical identity in book reviews. In K. Hyland & G. Diani (Eds) 2008. Review Genres: the public evaluation of academic texts. London: Palgrave Macmillian.

Wan Hong



2008 September – 2009 January

Lynne Flowerdew

“Corpus linguistics for academic literacies mediated through discussion activities”. In D. Belcher & A. Hirvela (Eds), The Oral Literate Connection: Perspectives on L2 speaking, writing and other media interactions (pp. 268–87). Ann Arbor MI: University of Michigan Press, 2008.

Gregory James

(Consultant translator and editor) P. R. Subramaniam (Ed.), A contemporary Tamil prose reader. Chennai: Mozhi, 2008. xi + 383 pp.


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