English for University Studies I (Intensive Stream)

Fall 2021 (3 credits)

Co-ordinator: Liza YEW
Liza YEW

Course Information

LANG1002 is a three-credit core course developed for first year students. It is the first of two one-semester courses which students take in order to fulfil the Common Core English requirement. Students attend three hours of class and complete up to six hours of out-of-class work per week. The course is offered in Fall semesters. This is an EAP course with a primary focus on language development and proficiency. The course also offers some support with academic literacy skills for the students. It aims at enhancing underlying competencies – e.g. Language form and accuracy in spoken and written contexts; Language meaning and use; Self-directed lifelong learning that are necessary for students to succeed in English-medium study in tertiary education.

Important note:

Students will be pre-registered into LANG1002A / LANG1002S / LANG1002I based on their English proficiency upon admission to HKUST. This is the course which students must take in order to complete their graduation requirements. Putting students of a similar proficiency level in the same class makes it possible for teachers to focus lessons better and help students achieve targets set for the end of their Year One studies. Students who would like to know more about placement in a LANG 1002 class should contact the CLE English Course Advice Team (E-mail: lcstdadvice@ust.hk).

Intended Learning Outcomes

Language Development

a.    select language appropriate for the audience, context and purpose; for spoken and written contexts

b.    express complex ideas precisely with range and complexity in vocabulary and sentence structures; and develop clear pronunciation

c.     elaborate, substantiate and organize logical ideas into strong arguments in speaking and writing

d.    interact with others’ ideas to contribute and communicate in group context

Academic Literacy

e.    critique ideas, analyse problems, and evaluate solutions in speaking and writing

f.      find, evaluate and use appropriate sources and citations to support arguments; synthesize ideas from multiple sources to build an argument, and paraphrase sources effectively

Lifelong Learning

g.     apply learning strategies including goal setting, evaluating learning strategies and resources, and self-reflection to become an effective learner


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