Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students II

Fall 2021 (3 credits)

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Course Description

This course follows on from LANG 1120 (Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students I), designed for UG and RPG students of non-Chinese language background, who have already learned Chinese for one our semester or about 50 hours. Students who wish to take this course must satisfy the prerequisite of LANG 1120 or its equivalence.
Building on LANG1120, the course aims:

  • to further enhance students’ confidence and competence in Putonghua communication through practice with particular emphasis on oral communication involving gradually increasing difficulties in terms of language structure, function and situation; and
  • to help them further develop listening and speaking skills for communicating in Putonghua for social purposes through a range of learning activities.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • master some tone changes of Hanyu Pinyin.
  • use appropriate pronunciation in everyday conversation.
  • recognize 150 most frequently used Chinese characters.
  • understand and use 150 words and expressions commonly used in daily communication.
  • understand simple weather forecasts.
  • understand information about the weather conditions of a place in different seasons.
  • understand simple weather forecasts.
  • understand routes through listening.
  • understand future planning.
  • understand an invitation to party.
  • introduce the climate, season, weather and temperature of a place visited before.
  • ask questions about weather conditions.
  • use comparative sentences to compare climates, weathers and temperatures.
  • ask for and give directions in Chinese.
  • ask for information about transportation means, times and fares.
  • talk about geography, transportation means, fares and time, distance between two places, etc. after travelling.
  • discuss abilities in depth.
  • give suggestion on choosing a gift.
  • read simple Chinese sentences about personal information, job, family, time, directions etc.
  • type an invitation email.
Chinese culture
  • select appropriate gifts for friends considering Chinese culture.

Course Contents & Schedule

Week Unit Content
1-4 Unit 1: Weather & Season
  • Ask and talk about weather.
  • Ask and talk about temperature.
  • Introduce the seasons of a city.
  • Talk about the travelling experience(s).
  • Talk about what is happening now.
  • Give the suggestions on travelling, talking about weather, season, temperature and daily necessities.
  • 5 Assessment one
    6-8 Unit 2: Direction & Transportation
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Talk about the positions of objects.
  • Ask for transportation means.
  • Talk about the distance between two places.
  • Giving suggestions for travelling, talking about geography, direction and transportation.
  • 9 Assessment two
    10-12 Unit 3: Hobbies & Abilities
  • Talk about hobbies in depth.
  • Talk about hobbies in depth.
  • Talk about abilities & progress.
  • Write an invitation email for a party.
  • 13 Assessment three

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    Course Assessment

    Assessment Content Percentage
    Assessment one Listening 10%
    Oral 1 10%
    Assessment two Pronunciation 10%
    Chinese Character 1 10%
    Oral 2 10%
    Assessment three Grammar 20%
    Chinese Character 2 10%
    Oral 3 10%
    Assignment 10%
    Total 100%

    Learning resources

    Free Chinese learning Apps


    Study in China

    Beijing 北京

    Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学
    Beijinga Foreign Studies University, 北京外国语大学
    Peking University, 北京大学

    Shanghai 上海

    Shanghai International Studies University, 上海外国语大学
    Fudan University, 复旦大学
    Shanghai Jiaotong University, 上海交通大学

    Guangzhou 广州

    Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学)
    Jinan University (暨南大学)

    Travel in China

    China Travel Guide and Top Travel Destinations


    Co-ordinator: ZHOU TONG
    Instructors: ZHOU TONG

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