Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students III

Fall 2021 (3 credits)

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Course Description

This course follows on from LANG 1121 (Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students II), designed for UG and RPG students of non-Chinese language background, who have already learned Chinese for two our semesters or about 100 hours. Students who wish to take this course must satisfy the prerequisite of LANG 1121 or its equivalence.
Building on LANG1121, the course aims:

  • to further enhance students’ confidence and competence in Chinese communication through practice with particular emphasis on both oral and written communications involving gradually increasing difficulties in terms of language structure, function and situation, and comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing skills training;
  • to help them further develop listening and speaking skills for communicating in Putonghua for both social and business purposes through a range of learning activities; and
  • to enhance their reading and writing skills through different learning tasks and activities.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • use Hanyu Pinyin to learn to pronounce unfamiliar word and sentences.
  • use appropriate pronunciation and intonation everyday conversation.
  • recognize around 300 most frequently used Chinese characters.
  • understand and use 300 words and expressions commonly used in daily communication.
  • understand clear, slow, standard speech related to personal information, Putonghua learning experience, life and study at HKUST.
  • understand classroom instruction.
  • understand the doctor’s simple questions and diagnoses of the doctor.
  • obtain concrete information from conversations involving health, feelings and suggestions.
  • seek concrete information from conversations involving people’s physical features and color, shape of an object.
  • introduce oneself and inquire about others with more detail information, including: program, major, hobbies and the reason of study in HK or UST etc.;.
  • describe past experience in learning Putonghua;.
  • make suggestions and advice on learning Putonghua.
  • share experience of living and studying in Hong Kong.
  • describing your symptoms and feelings.
  • make suggestions and advice on how to keep healthy.
  • ask questions about health.
  • list exercises you do to keep fit.
  • describe people’s physical features.
  • make a simple account of people’s clothing.
  • describe color, shape of an object.
  • retrieve key information from texts on personal.
  • get the gist of texts on physical appearance of people and objects.
  • guess the meaning of familiar signs in everyday life.
  • write simple sentence closely related to personal information.
  • write two paragraphs closely related to personal life.
  • write an email for sick leave to your teacher.
  • write two paragraphs to introduce a person or a thing.

Course Contents & Schedule

Week Unit Content
1-2 Unit 1: Making friends
  • Introducing oneself and inquiring about others with more detail information, including: birthplace, program, major, the reason of study in HK or UST
  • Discussing hobbies and leisure activities
  • 3-4 Unit 2: Studying Chinese
  • Discussing past experience in Chinese learning;
  • Making suggestions and advice on Chinese learning
  • Discussing life and study in Hong Kong;
  • 6 Assessment one
    7-9 Unit 3: Seeing the doctor and visiting the sick
  • Inquiring and talking about health
  • Describing and explaining one’s moods, states and feelings
  • Making suggestions and advice on keeping health
  • 10-12 Unit 4: Shopping and Clothing
  • Describing people
  • Describing things
  • Inquiring about and describing different commodities in shopping
  • Inquiring about and describing payment method
  • 13 Assessment two

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    Course Assessment

    Assessment Content Percentage
    Assessment 1 Oral presentation 20%
    Written test (Listening, Grammar, Reading, Writing) 25%
    Assessment 2 Oral presentation 20%
    Written test (Listening, Grammar, Reading, Writing) 25%
    Assignments Oral & Written 10%

    Learning resources

    Free Chinese learning Apps


    Study in China

    Beijing 北京

    Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学
    Beijinga Foreign Studies University, 北京外国语大学
    Peking University, 北京大学

    Shanghai 上海

    Shanghai International Studies University, 上海外国语大学
    Fudan University, 复旦大学
    Shanghai Jiaotong University, 上海交通大学

    Guangzhou 广州

    Sun Yat-sen University (中山大学)
    Jinan University (暨南大学)

    Travel in China

    China Travel Guide and Top Travel Destinations


    Co-ordinator: ZHOU TONG
    Instructors: ZHOU TONG

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