Spanish and the Other America

Fall 2021 (3 credits)

Co-ordinator: Dr. Ana Alías Martínez
Dr. Ana Alías Martínez

Course Description

This is a one-semester course for learners with no previous knowledge of Spanish. It provides learners with situations in which they can begin to express themselves at an elementary level in Spanish, both oral and written. The course also presents aspects of Spanish and Latin American cultures, from flamenco to salsa and from the architecture of Gaudi to the temples of the Incas.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students should be able to:

    • gain an introductory insight into another European language and culture;
    • develop a sense of confidence when dealing with Spanish-speaking people and Spanish-language materials in their daily lives;

and, more specifically:

  • understand conversational enquiries and simple instructions, notices and information that they might encounter on a visit to a Spanish-speaking country;
  • make and respond appropriately to everyday conversational enquiries that they might encounter, and give straightforward opinions;
  • acquire a sufficiently accurate pronunciation and intonation of Spanish to be understood by native speakers of the language;
  • understand simple messages relating to people’s lives and interests;
  • produce simple messages relating to people’s lives and interests;
  • develop basic intuitions about Spanish vocabulary and learn the fundamental principles of Spanish grammar;
  • understand and appreciate aspects of the cultures of Spain and Latin America.


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