Communication for Environmental Management and Technology I

Fall 2021 (2 credits)

Co-ordinator: Dr. Angie Li
Dr. Angie Li

Course Description

This course aims to develop students’ competence in discipline-related English, specifically communicating topics in the field of Environmental Management and Technology to the general public. Throughout the course, environmental issues will be examined, and students will learn the necessary skills to be applied in weekly communicative tasks and individual spoken and written assessments. For EVMT students only.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • be able to articulate a variety of environmental positions on different issues and evaluate these different perspectives
  • identify specific strategies used to engage readers and convey information in different reading genres relevant to the fields of environmental management and technology.
  • apply these specific features used to engage readers and convey information in a set of oral and written assignments on environmental management and technology
  • identify characteristics of effective presentations, and develop the necessary communication skills of articulation, pace and voice projection
  • collaborate with peers to discuss environmental management issues and present collective findings


Video to inspire interest on the impact of EVMT 25%
Magazine-style article on an EVMT issue 40%
TED-style talk on an EVMT issue 35%

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