Communication for Environmental Management and Technology II

Spring 2021 (2 credits)

Co-ordinator: Dr. Dinesh Sadhwani
Dr. Dinesh Sadhwani

Course Information

LANG2083 is a two-credit, one semester core course offered to students from the Interdisciplinary Programs Office. The course aims to develop students’ competence in discipline-related English,specifically communicating topics in the field of Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) to a business audience. Students attend two hours of class per week. The course is offered in the Spring semester.

Aims of the course: Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge/Content Related:

  1. Develop an understanding of the case-based approach to studying issues related to the environment.
  2. Develop awareness of the main features of case studies.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of environmental issues.
  4. Analyze and evaluate how actual environmentally-based problems have been managed.

Academic Skills/Competencies:

  1. Formulate and communicate, in both writing and speech, well analyzed solutions to environmental problems.
  2. Make a persuasive oral presentation about audience analysis of environmental consultants.
  3. Exemplify professional organizational skills to illustrate and explain ideas.
  4. Understand the differences in business genres.
  5. Develop a greater understanding of audience when giving presentations.

Other Learning Outcomes:

  1. Collaborate with peers to research group projects and present collective findings.
  2. Recognize cultural and individual values when assessing environmental solutions.
  3. Illustrate understanding of individual and societal concerns surrounding environmental action.

Course Assessment

Individual Persuasive Presentation 25%
Recommendation Report 35%
Group Pitch Presentation 35%
iPeer 5%

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