Communication for International Management

Spring 2016 (2 credits)

Course Description

This course is specially designed for graduating students in the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management. It prepares students for meeting challenges in the increasingly globalized management context by raising their awareness of their cultural identity and values and developing their skills in English communication through case studies and simulation activities.

Topics covered in the 2-hour class sessions include:

  • The discourse approach to intercultural communication
  • Gender discourse
  • Generational discourse
  • Corporate communication
  • Crisis management case analysis

Special guests from various backgrounds will be invited to share their expertise and experience in communication for international management

Students will also work in groups of four and complete a “newscast” project on a topic of their choice.

Course Description

  • Students become aware of their own cultural identity and values, and understand how they impact on their business communication style and effectiveness.
  • Students acquire knowledge and key skills to manage and communicate in an international setting.
  • Students enhance their ability to use English effectively in various business contexts.
  • Students develop sensitivity to issues concerning culture, behavior and language use.

Course Schedule

    LANG 3080, Spring Term 2015

    1 2 Feb Introduction
    2 9 Feb Inter-cultural Communication
    3 16 Feb Gender Discourse
    4 23 Feb Generational Discourse
    5 2 Mar Corporate Communication
    6 9 Mar Talent Management
    7 16 Mar Crisis Management (I)
    8 23 Mar Crisis Management (II)
    9 30 Mar Project Consultations
    10 13 Apr Guest Talk 1
    11 20 Apr Guest Talk 2
    12 27 Apr Guest Talk 3
    13 4 May Guest Talk 4

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