Communication for Environmental Management and Technology III

Spring 2021 (2 credits)

Co-ordinator: Mike Ladao
Mike Ladao

Course Description

This course is for BSc in Environmental Management and Technology students under the four-year degree only. This course aims to develop students’ ability to use effective and appropriate organizational structures, vocabulary, language and style in Capstone Project proposals, reports and presentations. For EVMT students only. Prerequisite: LANG2083.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge/Content Related:

  1. Identify and recognize the format and structure of an academic report
  2. Increase awareness of the expected appropriate tone, style and language of an academic report and presentation

Academic Skills/Competencies:

  1. Recognize the importance of audience awareness in research and report writing
  2. Develop appropriate communication skills to produce graduate level academic research reports and presentations


No textbook will be required. Students will be directed to the University’s Canvas learning system.

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