English for Physics Capstone Projects

Spring 2019 (2 credits)

Course Description

The course focuses on developing Physics students’ ability to use effective and appropriate organizational structures, vocabulary, language and style in Capstone Project reports and presentations.

Intended Learning Outcomes

This course encourages each of these qualities while, at the same time, helping you to develop important language skills for the study of Physics, and lifelong learning. We hope that you enjoy the course and that your future studies benefit from the work you do over the next few months. The learning outcomes that you can expect to achieve are outlined below.

Graduate Attributes
By the end of this semester, you will be able to…
  • provide evidence of understanding and accurate use of a range of words and expressions related to physics.
Critical thinking and reading skills:
  • research features of academic writing.
  • synthesize salient information from various sources for use in presentations and reports.
Report writing skills
  • write a coherent Capstone Project report incorporating a clearly defined structure.
  • use precise and concise language to write the report.
  • apply basic proof-reading skills to improve grammatical accuracy in writing.
Presentation skills
  • deliver a well-structured individual informative presentation about your capstone project.
  • present ideas and key concepts using stress, pause and clear language.
  • maintain a reasonable level of fluency in a presentation.
  • use body language to enhance communication effectiveness.
Leadership & Teamwork
  • work effectively in a team.
  • communicate productively with others in face-to-face discussions.
Vision & Orientation to the Future
  • locate and use appropriate language materials, tools and resources in developing and maintaining the life-long communication skills.

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