Academic Writing in Context – Global China Studies

Fall 2021 (1 credit)

Course Description

This is a course with a special delivery mode ― a combination of input sessions plus highly individualized assistance provided for students to address their specific writing needs, dictated by students’ choices of topics in a Global China Studies area.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • complete a research paper which demonstrates their:
    • a) good command of the language for academic purposes; and
    • b) critical thinking and original understanding of a research subject
  • present their research in an organized and systematic way;
  • compile a literature review which:
    • a) shows that they have enough overall knowledge of a broad field of the selected research;
    • b) leads their readers to better understand developments in that particular research field;
    • c) explains the specific ideas, theories or viewpoints they attempt to borrow from the literature and apply in their projects; and
    • d) identifies the areas of controversy or gaps in the literature and then seeks to formulate new questions or alternative ideas, theories and explanations for further exploration
  • write up a methodology section to explain what their research methodology is and to justify why it is appropriate for their research questions;
  • present their analysis and arguments based on the evidence or data collected, and engage their data with specific theories or explanations in developing their arguments; and
  • acknowledge the scholarly works quoted, paraphrased and summarized in their research paper by using the referencing style and format appropriate for their discipline.


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