Foundation in Listening and Speaking for Postgraduate Students

Fall 2021 (1 credit)

Course Description

LANG5000 is for students who have not yet fulfilled the English language requirement of the University only. This course addresses the immediate linguistic needs of newly-arrived postgraduate research students. It is designed to raise their English language proficiency level, thus making it possible for them to cope with the linguistic demands of everyday oral communication in an English-medium university. Exclusion: LANG 5001

Assessment is 100% coursework on a pass/fail basis.

Objectives and Content 

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students should show progress in their ability to:

  1. use accurate pronunciation and appropriate features of connected speech for effective English communication
  2. speak about academic and social topics with appropriate and coherent development
  3. listen for phonetic and discursive features in English texts and show awareness of their own development of such in their speaking

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