Postgraduate English for Business and Social Science Studies

Spring 2021 (1 credit)

Co-ordinator: Dr. LEUNG, Benjamin
Dr. LEUNG, Benjamin

The Course

LANG 5002 (Postgraduate English for Business and Social Science Studies) is designed for research postgraduate students from the School of Business & Management and Division of Social Science.

The course provides the necessary training in three areas relevant to the study of a research postgraduate degree:

  • academic research writing (abstracts, summaries, critiques and short journal articles).
  • academic speaking (giving presentations, and leading and participating in discussions).
  • critical reading.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Read and discuss research papers in their subject area critically.
  • Construct arguments orally and in writing using appropriate academic English.
  • Write summaries and critiques of published work appropriate to a formal literature review.
  • Lead and participate actively in seminar discussions on topics related to their own subject of study.
  • Talk convincingly about their own research area using appropriate academic and technical language.

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