Postgraduate English for Humanities

Spring 2021 (1 credit)

Co-ordinator: Dr. Nick Sampson
Dr. Nick Sampson

Course Description

This course explores rhetorical, academic and stylistic conventions common in humanities disciplines, so RPG humanities students can effectively communicate their research to academic audiences in spoken and written formats. The course is compulsory for all RPG students of HUMA. Students who fail to fulfil the English language requirement of the University are advised to take LANG 5000 before enrolling for this course (for students admitted in 2013/14 and onwards). Graded P or F.

Course Objectives

To train RPG humanities students to effectively communicate their research in writing and presentations

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the course will:

  • understand rhetorical, academic and stylistic conventions of spoken and written humanities texts
  • understand how persuasive argument is the core feature and organizing principle of humanities research texts
  • communicate their own research persuasively to academic audiences by applying this learning

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