Practical Cantonese I for Putonghua-speaking Students 實用廣東話 (I)

Co-ordinator: Monica Jim
Monica Jim

Course Description

This is a one-semester elementary Cantonese course for Putonghua speakers. It will equip you with the Cantonese proficiency and the communication competence necessary for studying and living in Hong Kong. You will learn to extract key information from listening to Cantonese, and to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. You will also be introduced to the phonological features of Cantonese. The thematic content of the course is designed to help you explore the multiple facets of the Hong Kong culture.

Intended Learning Outcomes

In this course you will develop your ability to understand and speak Cantonese to communicate appropriately and effectively. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • converse in Cantonese in everyday situations;
  • use a range of Cantonese vocabulary appropriately;
  • learn about elements of Hong Kong culture;
  • acquire knowledge of the Cantonese phonological and tonal systems.


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Course Instructors

Monica Jim
Lee Hoi Ming
Crystal Chan

Course Materials

Handouts will be posted on Canvas.*

Supplementary Resources

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