Practical Cantonese II for Putonghua-speaking Students 實用廣東話 (二)

Co-ordinator: Monica Jim
Monica Jim

Course Description

This Cantonese course is designed for Putonghua-speaking students of the university who wish to continue learning Cantonese after completing the beginners’ course. The course aims at building participants’ proficiency and confidence in using Cantonese for everyday communication. Through interactive activities in the classroom, participants will acquire new vocabulary and colloquial expressions and consolidate their mastery of Cantonese phonology and grammar.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By the end of these courses, students will be able to

  • consolidate their comprehension of Cantonese phonology and grammar;
  • use a range of Cantonese vocabulary appropriately;
  • speak fluent, colloquial Cantonese in various settings;
  • Become aware of Hong Kong culture.


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Course Instructors

Monica Jim
Lee Hoi Ming

Course Materials

Handouts will be posted on Canvas.*

Supplementary Resources

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