Mandarin Chinese for MBA Students (III)

Co-ordinator: Xin Liang
Xin Liang

This course is a continuation of Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) for MBA Students (II).

Course Information


Building on Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) for MBA Students (II), the course aims:
  • to further enhance students’ confidence and competence in Chinese communication through practice with particular emphasis on both oral and written communications involving gradually increasing difficulties in terms of language structure, function and situation, and comprehensive listening, speaking, reading and writing skills training;
  • to help them further develop listening and speaking skills for communicating in Putonghua for both social and business purposes through a wide range of learning activities; and
  • to enhance their reading and writing skills through learning activities incorporated with topic-related texts.

Course Contents

The following contents are covered:

  • Inquiring and talking about university life and studies, at present and in the past;
  • Talking about Chinese learning and commenting on language competence;
  • Inquiring and talking about shopping on food, clothes and other commodities;
  • Sharing dining and shopping experiences;
  • Describing, commenting and comparing physical features and product information;
  • Expressing apologies, wishes, blessings, congratulations and gratitude;
  • Asking leave for different reasons; asking and giving permission;
  • Illustrating one’ s health condition and stating one’s recent situation;
  • Illustrating the importance and the relationship of health and sports


Students are expected to attend 80% of all classes, and on meeting the attendance requirement, each participant will be awarded an Attendance Certificate.


Co-ordinator:    Xin Liang

Course Materials

The course also uses materials developed by the Center for Language Education, the online parts of which are shown below:

Audio Resources for Coursebook

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