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Online Advising Guidelines for Students


Do make an appointment to meet us in the cyberspace, and follow these steps to benefit most from the service.


Before the advising session

At least 3 days beforehand:      
     Register at http://adviser.cle.ust.hk/language_advising/index.aspx  First-come-first-served.
     You will receive a confirming email stating the Adviser name, time, and venue (the Zoom Meeting ID link) of the appointment.


At least 2 working days beforehand:  
     If necessary, email directly to your Adviser the material you would like to discuss during the session. It may be an essay draft, a presentation outline, PowerPoint slides, or the task description. Some background of the material may help too. Please note that late submission may not be considered.


1 day beforehand:            
        Make sure that you can ‘meet’ the Adviser in a quiet environment with stable internet connection. Your microphone and webcam need to function properly, especially if your consultation focus is pronunciation or speaking skills.


During the session

5 mins beforehand:       
     Log on the Zoom meeting as indicated in the Confirmation and Reminder emails. Your Adviser will admit you from the waiting room.


After the session

Immediately or within 2 days:
     Complete the evaluation questionnaire (https://bit.ly/3bTcTri), sharing your views on the Advising session.



     If you encounter any problem meeting your Adviser online, or completing the above, write to your Adviser or to the iLANG Advising staff at lcadvise@ust.hk as soon as possible.


As technical hiccups are sometimes beyond our control, let’s be more understanding and patient on the online platform.

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Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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