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Essential Communication Strategies for Professional Contexts

Do you know how to impress people whom you meet for the first time at a conference? How would you present yourself in a professional manner? If you would like to socialize effectively in different contexts, don’t miss this activity! Through simulation exercises, you can get hands-on tips on doing impressive self-introduction and small talks.

Code(s) SPA-012-001
Date(s) 19 September 2017
Time 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Venue(s) Theater, Language Commons (Room 3019, Lift 2)
Facilitator(s) May Liao
Duration 1.5 hours
Maximum Number of Participants 30
Eligibility All undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are welcome.
HLTH1010 Course Hours Upon successful completion and satisfactory participation of the activity, you may be entitled to 1.5 HLTH1010 course hours under the “Wellness and Personal Enrichment” of the “Activities” module.
Registration Dates 6 September 2017 - 10 September 2017

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Office: Room 3018 (Lifts 2 & 3)

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