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Exploring Short Stories

Exploring Short Stories aims to teach you how to appreciate storytelling by learning how to identify and interpret the language, styles, themes and narrative structures in English short fiction. This course will make you more aware of the various English writing styles and the strategies authors use. It will improve your critical reading skills and even help bring more enjoyment to your reading.


The course will cover various elements of fiction
  • Language
  • Characterization
  • Point of view
  • Theme (race, suffering, art, religion, gender, change)
  • Setting

Duration 15 hours
Maximum Number of Participants 24 participants
Fee $500 (refundable)
Enquiry This workshop caters for students who have a high competence in English and who wish to enhance their reading and analytical skills and to expand their vocabulary. This course will focus on four short stories. Participants need to bring along the following storybook, which is available from the University Bookstore at HKUST ($62.3 after discount).
Carver, Raymond ed. American Short Story
Masterpieces. Dell Publishing. New York. (1987)

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Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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