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Press Releases that Impress

Press Releases that Impress aims at helping you to develop skills to meet the challenge of successful publicity writing. It is most suitable for students who aspire to work in business and management, especially in marketing and public relations. You will learn how to:

  • analyse your target audience;
  • analyse the structure of a press release;
  • write effectively with an appropriate tone and style;
  • use clear and correct English; and
  • create a lasting impression on your audience with your press releases.
On completion of the course, you are expected to:
  • identify the context and purpose of a variety of press releases for both commercial and governmental organizations
  • describe the style and tone of a given press release by referring to the word choice
  • select appropriate information for composing a target oriented press release
  • write a press release for a given situation with a standard structure and format
  • write cohesive paragraphs with adequate details
  • use a range of vocabulary and expressions commonly featured in press releases
  • use appropriate tone and style for a given scenario

Duration 12 hours
Maximum Number of Participants 24 participants
Fee $500 (refundable)
Enquiry Final-year students of the business school have priority.
Remarks This course caters for students who have a high competence in English and who wish to enhance their persuasive writing skills.

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Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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