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Worlds within Words: Speaking with More Power and Emotion

Join us as we explore the wit, wisdom and wonderful words of some of the world’s finest playwrights and fiction writers.  This enjoyable group story and play-reading activity promises to take you out of yourself and into the lives of the memorable characters who live and struggle in their own special worlds.  Experience their lives, have fun speaking their words and discover ways to speak with more power and emotion.


Intended Learning Outcomes

The goal of the workshop is to enhance the student’s English language speaking abilities through the study and spoken expression of dramatic and fictional works.


Individual instruction will be provided in a creative storytelling workshop setting designed to help students:

  • to become familiar with and practice the language of drama and fiction as an artistic expression of human encounter in oral and scripted forms.
  • to practice and improve their English pronunciation, phrasing, use of emphasis, articulation, enunciation and intonation.
  • to use their reading to speak with more power and emotion.
  • to apply these skills in an informal group reading situation.

The workshops will be re-run during the term.

Duration 1.5 hour
Maximum Number of Participants 30 participants
Eligibility All undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are welcome.
Fee Free admission

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

E-mail: lcspeak@ust.hk

Telephone:(852) 2358-7851

Office: Room 3018 (Lifts 2 & 3)

Remarks Please note that the workshop facilitator reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of insufficient attendance.

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Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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