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Notes to Registrants


Guidelines for Registering Online Short Courses


  1. In view of the latest university arrangements, we accept online payment only (i.e. Visa/Master credit card) for the short courses until further notice.  Application will be considered only after online payment is completed. Your application becomes invalid if online payment is unsuccessful, and you will have to re-apply before the deadline.
  1. The short course will be conducted online in the time-slot (HK Time) specified, and will thus be conducted ‘in real time’. All enrolled participants should be present.


  1. In the virtual classroom, you should remain seen and heard (as requested) to show your attendance; the requirement for refund remains unchanged as set out in our refund and attendance webpage:https://cle.hkust.edu.hk/archive/2021/ilang/refund-and-attendance/.


  1. You should find a suitable place for the short course ⎯a place which is reasonably quiet and where you will be free from distractions during the short course.


  1. An online LANG short course will be conducted in basically the same way as a classroom-based LANG short course, in that the instructor plays a facilitator’s role and all participants are expected to engage fully in all learning activities.


  1. Before the short course, you should get ready by logging into Zoom with your web-cam and microphone turned on. 


  1. During the short course, some activities might involve splitting into ‘breakout groups’. Your instructor will explain and manage the procedure for ‘breakout group’ discussions.


  1. When engaged in discussion with other participants, you should use language that is appropriate and respectful. You may at times be required to give other participants feedback. Be honest but also sensitive and constructive when doing so.


  1. Towards the end of the short course, participants are expected to engage in reflective tasks and summarise the key learning points from the lesson. You should think about what these learning points are for and how to apply them in future short courses/language lessons.

Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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