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 “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.”
― Ralph G. Nichols  


iLANG recommends to you a wide range of resources to help improve your listening skills. Click on the online materials below for more details.


Active Listening

Tips and Information about Active Listening
General Active Listening Strategies
10 Tips for Active Listening
What is Active Listening (video) 

Listening for Gist TOEFL Listening Tips
Listening Practice for Conversations, Academic Discussions and Lectures
Five Essential Listening Skills for English Learners
TOEFL Listening Questions – Gist-Purpose and Gist-Content (video)
Listening for Details British Council Listening Exercises
Listening for Specific Details about People
Listening for Specific Details about Places
Sample Listening Exercises with Games and Transcripts
TOEFL Listening Questions – Detail │ Inside the TOEFL® Test (video)
Listening to Movies

English Movie Learner Guide
Listening Exercises – Movie Clips
Film Scripts
English Listening Practice: How to Understand Movies Without Subtitles (video)

Listening to Radio

HK Radio Programmes in English
BBC Radio Programmes
Interesting English Vocabulary Used by Radio Jockeys
Top Talk Internet Radio Stations
8 Podcasts for Fluent English: Advanced English Listening (video)

Listening to News

BBC News
The Guardian Online
PBS News
News in  Levels
How to Learn English with the News (video)

Listening to Lectures

Listening to Lectures (Monash University)
Listening and Note-Taking in Lectures
BBC Learning English – Academic Listening
The Art of Active Listening and Note Taking
Learn English – Listening to Lectures (video)

Listening in Social Conversations

Freshman Days – CLE – Listening Materials
Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
English Conversation Lessons
Understand FAST English Conversations (video)

Listening in Discussions

TOEFL Sample Exercises – Discussions on a University Campus
British Council – Learning Professional English
TED: How can groups make good decisions? 
Speaking and Listening: Preparing for a Group Discussion (video)
TED Talks: Panel Discussion (video) 

Listening to Global English & Different Accents

A List of Global Radio Sites
International Dialects of English Archive
Understanding Different English Accents
The English Language in 24 Accents (video)

Listening to Songs

Learn English with Songs
English Exercises – Using Songs
605 Free EFL Song Worksheets
Learning English Through Songs (When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating) Lyrics Explained (video)

Listening to Poetry

BBC Poems Archive
Listen to Poetry
Poems – ESL Resources
Learn English with a Poem (video)

Listening to Stories

100 Free Short English Stories for ESL Learners
Listening to Short Stories
Listen & Read: Short Stories
Learn English Through Story (video)

Listening to Jokes

Jokes in English
English Humour
British Humour Explained (video)

Listening in Telephone Conversations

BBC Learning English – URL 1
BBC Learning English URL 2
Listening on the Telephone
Common English Phrases for Business Telephone Calls
Conversation Skills – Understand Phone Conversations in English (video)

Listening in Debates

BBC Learning English
International Debate Education Association
Munk Debates
A Collection of Videos of Debates
Learning English with The Future American President- The Second Debate P1 (video)

Listening to Podcasts

HKUST Podcast Workshop
Podcast Pickle
8 Podcasts for Fluent English: Advanced English Listening (video)

Podcasts in Business

Bloomberg on the Economy
Bloomberg Benchmark
Business Podcasts in iTunes
Business English Podcast (video)

Podcasts in Science

Science Magazine Podcast
Science Talk
The 20 Best Science Podcasts
Science Plus (video)

Podcasts in Engineering

Software Engineering Radio
Top Engineering Podcasts
Engineering Podcasts from Open University
Technology Podcasts from iTunes
Black Tees and Engineering (video)


Audio Books for Free

Other Useful Links

Listening and Speaking Sites
A Collection of 1 Minute Listening Exercises
Collection of Links
Accent Reduction Guide
Mixed Bag of Listening Resources
English Listening Practice Guide to Learners
How to Understand Fast-Talking Native English Speakers (video)

Tips & Advice from CLE http://cle.hkust.edu.hk/archive/2021/ilang/listening-advice-sheets/

Priority is given to students in UGC-funded programs.

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