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    Reading web sites / Wordprocessing in Japanese

    Reading Japanese web pages
    To view Japanese, the best solution is to use the Microsoft web browser, Internet Explorer 5, along with an additional font system called Global IME Japanese with the language kit. It can be downloaded directly from your own system disc by revising the area-setting at the control panel. It can also be downloaded from Microsoft’s web site, which offers separate IME for Windows 2000 and XP. Download
    Wordprocessing in Japanese with Word 2000 or XP
    If you use Word 2000 or XP, you should be able to type Japanese. It is also allowed to mix Chinese and Japanese in one file, a feature not offered in most other applications at the moment.

    Learning Japanese on-line

    Kanji Step
    Click the Online-teaching link and you will find sub-links for Japanese daily expressions, katakana, hiragana, kanji and more. Weekly test, kanji practice, placement tests for JLPT are also available.

    This site provides a lot of information on Japanese learning, which includes Japanese characters, practice on Japanese, various photos of Japan, etc.
    On-line lessons in Japanese as well as Japanese dictionary. Some lessons require you to have Japanese display capabilities.

    Japanese Writing
    By following animated GIF files, beginners can hone their writing skills, making their katakana, hiragana, and kanji more legible.

    Japanese on-line grammar references
    This takes you to the site of which brings together dictionaries and grammar references of many languages including Japanese.

    NHK Japanese lessons
    By clicking the medium language, you can enter their Japanese programme.

    Japanese Class Online
    Online Japanese lessons instructed in Chinese. To view full site, you need to join a member, but it gives free trial lessons that cover a lot of aspects of Japanese such as Japanese characters, grammar, vocabulary, phrasal expressions, proverbs, etc.

    Nippon Nihongo Gakuen
    You can learn Japanese through Japanese TV drama (soap opera) scripts with Chinese translation. Japanese fixed expressions, trendy words, slang, Japanese geographical information also available. You need to be a member to view the full site.

    Japanese Studies Center at CUHK
    You may download revision notes and audio files from two textbooks for Japanese I and Japanese II at CHUK.

    Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

    Homepage of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    This site is in both Japanese and English.

    JLPT in Hong Kong
    Information about JLPT in Chinese. Contains details about taking the test in December 2002.

    Online quiz
    Click Japanese or English, and you will find Kanji and verb conjugations practice.

    Kanji Step
    A good source for JLPT placement tests. Enter the “Online-Teaching” link and follow weekly tests.


    NHK Japanese lessons
    Some latest news can be listened to and viewed with simplified news script.

    Radio Japan Online
    Online radio news programmes.

    Internet Radio Stations
    It lists available Internet radio stations in Japan.

    The Storygate
    A very good site for listening to Japanese stories with beautiful music and clear narration. You need to be a member, but “Story of the month” is offered for free.


    Asahi NewsPaper Index

    Japanese Newspapers

    Kyodo News Web

    CNN News in Japanese

    Nikkei Net

    Dictionaries and translators

    English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary offered by ALC.

    Jeffrey’s English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary

    Reading Tutor (Chuuta no dougubako)

    Goo Dictionaries

    word-to-word translation.

    Text-based and web-based translation from Chinese/English into Japanese and vice versa.

    General information on Japan

    Japanese National Tourists Organization
    This site offers travel information tips in Japan, including accommodation.

    Japanese Information Network
    A comprehensive directory of websites on Industry, education, scholarship, etc.

    Colonel Craig’s Japan Links

    Fun Stuff

    Test your knowledge on Japan (from BBC)

    Ultimate Kana Challenge

    Other useful links

    Try these search engines if you want to search sites in Japanese: Google, Yahoo, Infoseek, Goo

    Information of Hong Kong
    Here is information about Hong Kong in Japanese, brought to you by the Hong Kong Tourist Association.

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