Selected Presentations


French and Chinese in Hong Kong: what L3 learners of both tell us

Presentation Colloque annuel de l’Association for French Language Studies (AFLS), Toulouse, France.



French as a 3rd language-and-culture in Asia: implications for plurilingualism in ASEAN

Presentation Regional English Language Centre (RELC) International Conference, Singapore.



French as a 3rd language-and-culture: goals and preferences of plurilingual learners

Presentation Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages, Kuala Lumpur.


A parochial lost cause? The micro-politics of language revitalization initiatives in Jersey (British Channel Islands).

Presentation International Small Islands Studies Association Conference, Taipei.


Through a glass, darkly:  processes and effects of teaching L3 through L2.

Presentation Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) Conference, Southampton, UK.


Organizing independent language learning for digital natives: preconceptions and reality.

Presentation Regional English Language Centre (RELC) International Seminar, Singapore.


Are native-speaker (NS) teachers of English necessarily missionaries of culture?

Presentation International Conference for Theory and Practice in Education, Budapest, Hungary.


Elite students’ independent learning experiences: any lessons for the mainstream?

Presentation TEFLIN International Conference, Islamic University of Indonesia.


Mediating the learning of Chinese by French and French by Chinese.

Presentation International Conference on Mediating Multilingualism: Meanings and Modalities, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.


Beyond the benchmark: a course provider’s perspective on requirements for English-language teachers.

Presentation Regional English Language Centre (RELC) International Seminar, Singapore.


Representations of English in Hong Kong’s postcolonial language planning and societal attitudes.

Presentation Simposio Internacional de Comunicacion Social, Santiago de Cuba.


Policies without planning? The medium of instruction issue in Hong Kong.

Presentation International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity, University of Waikato, New Zealand.


Medium of instruction and independent language learning in tertiary institutions: an example from Hong Kong

Presentation Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) International Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.


The place of ideology in postcolonial educational language planning: an example from Hong Kong.

Presentation Simposio Internacional de Bilinguismo, Vigo, Spain.

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