Undergraduate Students

Chinese Curriculum

Chinese Communication
(Common Core)
Chinese Communication
(Program Requirement)
(Free Elective)
Course Pre-requisite / No. of prior tuition hours Course Program Course Enrolment Requirements
Chinese Language Background Students LANG1113C
(Medium of Instruction: Cantonese)
Level 3 in HKDSE Chinese LANG2170 UG Programs in Humanities and Social Science LANG1133 Beginners in the learning of Cantonese
(Medium of Instruction: Putonghua)
(For students with special language learning needs)
(Medium of Instruction: Cantonese)
Level 4 or above in HKDSE Chinese
(Medium of Instruction: Putonghua)
LANG1118 All students with qualifications other than Level 3 in HKDSE Chinese
Non-Chinese Language Background Students LANG1120 ————— / 0 hrs LANG1130 Beginners in the learning of Cantonese
LANG1121 LANG1120 / 50 hrs
LANG1122 LANG1121 / 100 hrs
LANG1123 LANG1122 / 150 hrs
LANG1124 LANG1123 / 200 hrs
LANG1125 LANG1124 / 250 hrs
LANG1126 LANG1125 / 300 hrs
LANG1127 LANG1126 / 350 hrs

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