LANG 1117

Advanced Chinese Communication 高階中文傳意:口語與寫作

Prerequisite(s) Level 4 or above in HKDSE Chinese
Exclusion(s) LANG 1113, LANG 1114 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1115 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1116 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1118, LANG 1120, LANG 1121, LANG 1122, LANG 1123, LANG 1124, LANG 1125, LANG 1126, LANG 1127

This course seeks to advance the Putonghua speaking and Chinese writing abilities of local Hong Kong students who have attained a reasonably high standard in Chinese language on leaving secondary schools. The course materials and learning tasks help students to engage in rigorous intellectual analysis of academic and socio-economic issues and formulate coherent arguments for Putonghua speaking and Chinese writing in demanding situations such as participation in public fora and writing critical essays for publication in the media.