LANG 1125

Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students VI

Prerequisite(s) LANG 1124
Exclusion(s) HKDSE/HKALE/HKCEE/JEE Chinese, LANG 1112 (prior to 2016-17), LANG 1113, LANG 1114 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1115 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1116 (prior to 2017-18), LANG 1117, LANG 1118

This course builds on the groundwork laid in LANG 1120, LANG 1121 and LANG 1122 and LANG 1123, and LANG 1124, and takes students to an intermediate-high level of understanding of spoken Chinese and a stronger communicative competence in using Chinese in social and professional situations. Restricted to students with non-Chinese language backgrounds only. Students without the prerequisite but with approximate 250 hours of prior Chinese learning experience may seek instructor’s approval for enrollment in the course.