LANG 5010

Postgraduate English for Science Studies

Corequisite(s) LANG 5000

This course teaches common skills postgraduate science students need to write and speak about their research. The course is compulsory for all RPG students of SSCI (for students admitted in 2012/13 and onwards). Students who fail to fulfill the English language requirement of the University are advised to take LANG 5000 before enrolling for this course (for students admitted in 2009/10 and onwards). Graded P or F.

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Understand academic, stylistic and rhetorical conventions of spoken and written research in the sciences.

2. Understand the importance of critique, argument and contribution in spoken and written research in the sciences.

3. Develop an engaging and appropriate style of academic writing and speaking suitable for potential audiences.

4. Communicate their own research persuasively to academic and non-specialist audiences by applying this learning.