LANG 5080

English Seminar and Presentation Skills

Corequisite(s) LANG 5000

This one-term course aims at enhancing the spoken English of research postgraduate students in the Interdisciplinary Programs Office. The course focuses on developing appropriate English skills for participation in academic seminars and giving effective presentations of the students' own research. Students who fail to fulfill the spoken English language requirement of the University are advised to take LANG 5000 before enrolling for this course (for students admitted in 2009/10 and onward).

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Engage confidently and fluently in seminar discussion on a range of topics related to Environmental Science, Policy and Management.

2. Explain and defend their own positions on a range of issues related to their subject.

3. Provide an effective oral critique of others’ positions and proposals.

4. Ask appropriate question in seminar discussion.

5. Use a wide range of subject-related vocabulary in oral interaction.

6. Deliver effective presentations based on their own research topics.

7. Demonstrate skills in referring to empirical data in oral presentations.

8. Make appropriate use of supporting visual material in oral presentations.

9. Handle audience questions skilfully.