Writing Effectively: Organizing Your Ideas


Dates: 5, 7, 12 & 19 Oct 2021

Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Room 4472 (Lifts 25 & 26)

  • Do you have great ideas, but find it difficult to write about them logically and persuasively?
  • Do you find it challenging to transition smoothly between sentences and paragraphs?
  • Do your readers like your theory but get lost in your writing before reaching the conclusion?


What does “writing effectively” involve? When a piece of writing is described as “seamless”, it means that the reader is able to effortlessly progress through the writer’s sentences and paragraphs. The content is presented logically with each statement supported by appropriate evidence, and the writing itself is smooth and integrated. By ensuring your writing is coherent (logical) and cohesive (smooth) you make it easy for your reader to say “yes”!


Writing Effectively will improve the quality of your written work. 


By the end of the course, you are expected to:
  • recognize the importance of coherence and cohesion in academic writing;
  • acquire a thorough understanding of essential grammar concepts to enhance connectivity;
  • utilize a variety of linguistic devices and strategies in order to make your writing easier to read; and
  • understand how to organize your ideas logically in order to improve reader understanding.
Registration Dates 17 Sep 2021 – 23 Sep 2021


Target Audience



Maximum Number of Participants 18
Duration 12 hours
Fee $500 (Refunable)
Refund & Attendance Requirement
  • Attendance requirement:
    • a 4-lesson course   a student should not miss more than 0.5 lesson
    • a 6-lesson course   a student should not miss more than 1 lesson
  •  Only participants who have met the attendance requirement will be entitled to a substantial refund of the deposit: 

                     Deposit             Refund

                        $500                $350

  • Refund will be automatically made to your designated bank account as indicated in the Student Information System (SIS). Please keep your bank account details updated . Those who have paid via other methods please follow the instructions stated in the refund collection email within two months upon completion of the course.

Registration via online system.

Only online payment (i.e. Visa/Master cards) will be accepted. Application will be considered only after online payment is completed. Your application becomes invalid if online payment is unsuccessful, and you will have to re-apply before the deadline.

Eligibility All HKUST students are welcome.



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Email: lcscourses@ust.hk
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