These pronunciation lessons have been developed to help you:

understand the systematic differences between English and Cantonese pronunciation;
monitor your own speech and become aware of ways in which you can improve the intelligibility of your own spoken English;
become aware of the rhythm of English in contrast to that of Chinese;
use stress (strong and weak syllables) appropriately in both words and sentences;
make use of transcription in dictionaries.

Each lesson introduces an aspect of English pronunciation and many include short tasks for practice. You can expect to finish a lesson in 15 minutes.

Table of contents

Lesson 1 A guide to English pronunciation
Lesson 2 Syllables and wordstress
Lesson 3 Weak syllables
Lesson 4 Rhythm
Lesson 5 Syllable structure in English and Chinese
Lesson 6 Consonants and consonant clusters
Lesson 7 Linking words
Lesson 8 Sentence stress
Lesson 9 Intonation: showing feelings
Lesson 10 Intonation: as punctation
Lesson 11 Sound symbols
Lesson 12 Linking words: more ways
Lesson 13 Long vowels ending in voiced consonants
Lesson 14 Sentence stress and intonation to convey a writer's message
Lesson 15 Highlighting keywords
Lesson 16 Using sentence stress to contradict or correct
Lesson 17 Pronunciation and grammar
Lesson 18 The schwa in "that" clauses
Lesson 19 Synthesizing all the pronunciation skills studied so far
Lesson 20 Specific problem sounds for Cantonese speakers: /v/, /z/ and 'th'
Further Practice

Practice 1: /l/ and /n/
Practice 2: /l/ and /n/
Practice 3:
/t/ and /d/
Practice 4:
/t/ and /d/
Practice 5:
/k/ and /g/
Practice 6:
/k/ and /g/
Practice 7:
/ɪ/ and /iː/
Practice 8:
/ɪ/ and //

Practice 9: /e/ and /æ/
Practice 10:
/e/ and /æ/
Practice 11: /ɔ/ and /ɒ/
Practice 12: /ɔ/ and /ɒ/
Practice 13: /uː/ and /ʊ/
Practice 14: // and /ʊ/
Practice 15: /ə/
Practice 16: Word stress - compound words
Practice 17: Word stress - nouns VS verbs
Practice 18: 'ed' endings
Practice 19: 'ed' endings

*Many of the lessons contain audio materials and/or interactive tasks. Please consult the "Technical" section on the menu bar if you have any problem displaying the transcriptions or listening to the sound recording in MP3 format.


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