Grammar guides

  • Hyper grammar
    Produced by the Writing Center at the University of Ottawa. This goes from parts of speech to writing complete paragraphs.
  • Mind your grammar
    A Language Commons grammar course with 11 lessons presented by the Virtual Center for Language Education of PolyU. With lots of animations and music.

Grammar exercises and games

  • Common Errors in English
    Common English errors for Hong Kong students with a focus on errors in written academic English at the tertiary level. The error samples are real being errors produced by Hong Kong students writing in English. The material was developed by Christipher Green of PolyU.
  • Grammar quizzes
    This page contains lots of quizzes on various grammatical items. Some of the quizzes are graded by level. Some of their themes are about different places worldwide.
  • Interactive English language exercises
    Six grammar exercises are offered here for uppper-intermediate learners. When you finish each exercise, you submit your answers and receive a score and explanations for the more difficult questions right away.

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