Japanese Textbooks / 日語課本

  • 文化初級日本語 I、II
    附有錄音帶 (Bunka Beginner’s Japanese I & II)。這是總合性的教科書。這套教材有中文的文法說明書。裏面的圖表和照片將給學習者帶來樂趣。

  • 標準日本語I、II
    附有錄音帶 (Standard Japanese I & II)。是總合性的教科書。這套教材針對以漢語為母語的人。內容豐富,適合自學。文法解釋很詳細,但自學時無須背誦。最主要的是堅持到底。

  • Situational Functional Japanese (English version) / 話みう(中文版)
    This set of textbooks is appropriate for those who have some knowledge of Japanese, though it is also designed for absolute beginners. Best learned with the attached audio tapes.

  • 日語入門
    附有錄音帶(First lessons in Japanese)。這本書的好處是很薄。學習者可以從簡單的會話學到自然的日語。

  • Japanese for Busy People I & II
    The title says it all. Grammar points are introduced with humorous skits. Best learned with its video tapes. It is a grammar-based textbook for English speakers.

  • Japanese Language and People
    A comprehensive BBC beginners’ course that covers simple greetings as well as social contexts in which the language is spoken. Best learned with the attached audio and video tapes.

  • Basic Kanji Book
    Good introductory book for people with no knowledge of Chinese characters.

Dictionaries / 工具書

  • 迷你漢日辭典 (elementary and above)
  • 分類漢日辭典 (elementary and above)
  • 易懂日語辭典 (Informative Japanese Dictionary) (elementary and above)
  • 例圖例文學習日漢辭典 (elementary level)
  • 現代日語語法概要 (elementary and above)
  • A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar (elementary and above)
  • An Introduction to Japanese Grammar and Communication Strategies (elementary and above)
  • Kenkyusha’s Furigana English-Japanese Dictionary (elementary and above)
  • English-Japanese Japanese-English Learner’s Pocket Dictionary (elementary and above)

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