Japanese Music CDs

Recommended Music CDs

  • Oh! Yeah! (by K.Oda. 小田和正) Famous for the Tokyo Love Story
  • Komeguny (by Kome Kome Club 米米クラブ) Inclding 浪漫飛行
  • Unplugged Live (by Chage & Aska 浪漫飛行) CD version of the famous MTV video
  • Message (by Takashi Sorimachi 反町隆史) Famous for the recent TV series Beach Boys
  • Die Sterntaler (續星の金貨) The soundtrack including the song by 酒井法子

Cagnet Generation Komeguny
Chage & Aska Unplugged Live Masked Rider
Kore Mo Baiji (Daijiman Brothers Bank) Message
Die Sterntaler Oh! yeah!
Dramatic Songs Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits
Japan TV Mega Hits Yeah!!!!
Kan For All My Love (Yutaka Ozaki)
Julip 原曲良品
Singles Noriko Best III Distance Utada Hikaru

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