Job Application Skills

The following locations on this web contain materials and advice that help you to improve your job application skills:

Job-Seeking Skills Resources

A job seeking skills package based on collecting, sorting and adding to materials from various LANG English courses.

Contents Company & Job
Self Analysis

Through Other Eyes – Job Interviews in English

Video and User’s Guide – The Through Other Eyes Video is a 32-minute video which presents a series of interviews in English in a Hong Kong setting. It follows two final-year university students, Kelvin Lam and Angela Wong, as they go from campus interviews to company interview to the final group discussion. The User’s Guide provides additional materials to help you focus on certain aspects of interview situations and to stimulate group discussion or individual reflection.

The Through Other Eyes Website – The site contains a vocabulary section which shows you a web of words you can use to talk about your personal qualities in a job interview. There are extensive examples which will help you expand your ability to talk about yourself.

Job Seeking Skills on the World Wide Web – A collection of hyperlinks to various job seeking sites both local and overseas. The links are categorised under the following headings:

The Through Other Eyes CD-ROM – This CD-ROM will be released soon. In addition to nearly 30 minutes of video recordings of two interviewees, Kelvin and Angela, the TOE CD-ROM also contains over 2 hours of simulated interviews on audio, and over 50 minutes of authentic video interviews with Human Resources Managers at major companies in Hong Kong.

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