Mr. Alfred Jones TSANG



Upon receiving his MPhil degree from the Faculty of English at University of Cambridge, Alfred Tsang started his career as a lecturer teaching English for Academic and Specific Purposes courses for a wide range of disciplines and programmes, particularly those offered by the School of Humanities and Social Science, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His recent research covers such areas in Applied Linguistics as Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Global Englishes (with special interests in Hong Kong English and its pedagogical implications), Sociolinguistics, English Grammar, Translation Studies, and Corpora and Language Learning.

With interdisciplinary training in humanities, Alfred is also interested in the interplay between language, education and society. He has been interviewed by various media outlets on Hong Kong English and English learning, including RTHK, Mingpao Daily, Wen Wei PoSouth China Morning Post, 100 Most (100毛), MetroPOP, to name but a few. His column, Anglophonic (文化品味﹒英語趣談), appears in the Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (信報月刊), where he writes about English language and literature, as well as language teaching and learning. Click for access: [Blake's Tyger] [OmniBus and school mottos].

Professional Interests

Bilingualism and Multilingualism

Global Englishes


English Grammar

Translation Studies

Corpora and Language Learning


2022 Conference Presentation

Hong Kong Chinese or New Saam Kap Dai? Rethinking the (trans)languaging practice of Hong Kongers in the 21st Century

Alfred Tsang

Ghent University, Belgium

Sociolinguistics Symposium 24 – Inside and Beyond Binaries, Ghent University, Belgium, 13-16 July 2022.

2020 Working Paper - Peer Reviewed

Kongish Daily: researching translanguaging creativity and subversiveness

Li Wei, Alfred Tsang, Nick Wong, Pedro Lok

International Journal of Multilingualism, Volume 17, Issue 3: Multilingual literacy practices - global perspectives on visuality, materiality and creativity
2022 Chapter in Edited Volume



Hong Kong Literary Criticism Society

ISSUES 真論第四期—夏濟安.夏志清.當代意義

2014 Journal Publication

論學術職銜的翻譯:以英國和香港學制為例 On the translation of academic titles: with special reference to Great Britain and Hong Kong


Chinese Language Society of Hong Kong

語文建設通訊 Chinese Language Review (Hong Kong), v. 107, October 2014, p. 13-26