LANG 5005

Communicating Research in English

LANG 5000

This course aims to help research postgraduate students to develop skills they need to understand how to successfully communicate research in English to academic, cross-disciplinary and non-specialist audiences. Students who fail to satisfy the University's English language requirement are advised to complete LANG 5000 before enrolling for this course. Graded P or F.


LANG 5000

Course codes and semesters

LANG 5005B For students on SBM and SHSS programs Offered in the spring semester
LANG 5005C For students on AIS programs Offered in the spring semester
LANG 5005E For students on SENG and SSCI programs Offered in fall and spring semesters

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and apply academic, stylistic, and rhetorical conventions of research text genres
  2. Communicate in speech and in writing critical and analytical interpretations of research texts
  3. Communicate a persuasive research argument and contribution
  4. Express a confident research persona through an engaging style of communication for academic and professional success
  5. Communicate research effectively to academic, cross-disciplinary, and non-specialist audiences



  1. Why must I take this course?

LANG 5005 is designed to help you communicate your research in speech and in writing and to consider others' research. This will help build your confidence and skills on your research journey.

  1. When should I take this course?

We recommend you take the course in your first academic year. Please check your degree type (FT/PT), study duration and other potential influences (e.g., off-campus periods) to ensure you can complete the course at an appropriate time.

  1. I am a native or expert user of English. Do I need to take this course?

Yes, it teaches communication skills that benefit all research degree students.

  1. I completed my previous degrees in an English-speaking country or at an English-medium university. Do I need to take this course?

Yes, it teaches communication skills that benefit all research degree students.

  1. Can I apply for a course exemption?

The CLE may recommend an exemption if you took a similar communications course for research degree students at another institution. Contact the CLE if this applies to you.

  1. I have presented my research at conferences and/or have authored or co-authored published research. Do I need to take this course?

Yes, LANG 5005 is a required course for research programs that specify it. Giving presentations and/or writing for publication is a common and valuable experience for research degree students. But this is not equivalent to taking LANG 5005. This course provides students with deeper and broader skills to help communicate their research in written and spoken forms to similar and different audiences.