LANG 1423

Chinese Communication in Global Context 全球視野下的中文傳意

LANG 1411, LANG 1412, LANG 1413, LANG 1414, LANG 1415, LANG 1120 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1121 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1122 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1123 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1124 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1125 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1126 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1127 (prior to 2022-23)

The course seeks to enhance the Putonghua speaking and Chinese writing abilities of students who have typically undergone schooling in a Chinese language community. Learning tasks and activities on this course further challenges students to aim at very high levels in terms of precision of expression in writing and expressiveness and persuasiveness in speaking. The learning experience will also sharpen the students’ awareness of style and tone and context of situation.