LANG 3060

Advanced Academic Writing

LANG 1403 or LANG 1404

LANG 3060 is a three-credit, one semester course offered in Fall and Spring semesters.  Students attend two 1.5 hour-lessons per week. This course offers students advanced strategies and practice in writing texts in their academic disciplines. It increases student awareness of how disciplinary conventions, genre and rhetorical situations call for different choices in language, organization, format, citation and style. As students explore and analyze academic disciplinary genres and their research and writing process, they learn how to use advanced language skills and strategies including developing stances, defining, explaining, reporting, analyzing, synthesizing and organizing and how to repurpose academic content to communicate ideas effectively. The course also develops in students the view of writing as a social process as they work with a community of writers who share ideas, give feedback and support. It creates writers who are engaged to demonstrate their writing in various ways including a small-scale research project. The course threads competencies in communication, problem-solving and personal development including lifelong learning and awareness to help students develop transferable skills to become effective writers in their academic disciplines.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students can:

a) Develop and apply knowledge of rhetoric, genre and disciplinary conventions to write texts appropriate to the discipline.

b) Critically analyze, synthesize and integrate sources using advanced citation practices in the discipline.

c) Organize texts logically and coherently to communicate information and ideas suited to disciplinary-specific conventions.

d) Analyze and apply advanced skills and strategies in writing including stance development, definition, explanation, reporting, analysis and synthesis.

e) Develop awareness of writing as a social process through planning, research, drafting, revising, editing and responding to feedback and collaborating with others.

f) Adapt academic texts for the public.

g) Demonstrate control of syntax, mechanics and style in writing.

h) Apply reflective strategies to synthesize, communicate and create knowledge in writing.