LANG 1424

Chinese Writing in Cultural Contexts 文化語境下的中文寫作

LANG 1411, LANG 1412, LANG 1413, LANG 1414, LANG 1415, LANG 1120 - 1127

This course targets all students who have a background in Chinese, and with a strong interest in the study of Chinese writing and cultural issues. It aims to cultivate students’ logical expression skills in Chinese in the context of investigative study of culture. Students will learn how to describe cultural phenomena, summarize literature, and evaluate claims from a critical perspective. Students will also learn to construct arguments and support claims effectively in an academic style. The course integrates the three elements of communication skills, academic literacy, and culture with a focus on Chinese writing training. The emphasis is on using Chinese to examine and discuss various cultural issues such as language culture. Students can have a deeper understanding of selected cultural issues and be able to discuss relevant topics in Chinese writing.