LANG 1421

Chinese Communication in the Digital Era 數字時代的中文傳意

LANG 1411, LANG 1412, LANG 1413, LANG 1414, LANG 1415, LANG 1120 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1121 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1122 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1123 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1124 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1125 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1126 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1127 (prior to 2022-23)

This course targets all students who have a background in Chinese, and with a strong interest in the use of Chinese in digital media. The focus of this course is to lead students to explore the characteristics of using Chinese in digital media for social, professional and academic communication purposes, and to develop their Putonghua speaking and Standard Chinese writing abilities through digital media platforms. The emphasis is on using Chinese to talk about digital media. Students can also have a deeper understanding of the current situation and developmental direction of Chinese digital media in the digital age, and be able to discuss topics in this field in Chinese.