LANG 2062

Professional Speaking for the Workplace

LANG 1403 or LANG 1404


LANG 2062 is a three-credit, one semester course offered in Fall and Spring semesters.  Students attend two 1.5 hour-lessons per week. This course equips students with the language and communication skills and strategies to speak and present professionally in internal and external business settings. It increases student awareness of how speaking and presenting creates change and convinces one to take action. As students explore and analyze spoken genres using language and communication theories, they learn how to shape and adapt their language skills, strategies and communication practices to influence various internal and external audiences including customers, co-workers and supervisors. Students will also develop ways to express themselves in multimodal settings. The course develops in students particularly with soft skills to handle sensitive business situations and incidents including a crisis, and how to communicate interculturally in diverse settings. Students will develop a repertoire of language and communication skills and strategies to meet various workplace needs.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students can:

a) Analyse a variety of internal and external audience’s needs and expectations and formulate effective communication strategies to address specific purposes and contexts.

b) Analyse and assess critically spoken business discourses, contexts, and communicative and linguistic features, using a language-based approach.

c) Articulate ideas clearly and concisely using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication.

d) Communicate and present evidence-based arguments, and apply different communication theories and techniques to engage with and persuade the stakeholders.

e) Enhance presentation skills and convey meaning through multimedia that combines modalities (through a combination of modes of communication).

f) Develop cultural sensitivity and use language of diversity and inclusion to conduct effective cross-cultural business communication.

g) Lead and work as a team, and manage work independently.

h) Reflect on language and communicative skills and approaches learnt.