LANG 4030

Technical Communication II for CSE, CPEG & DSCT

(For DDP only) CORE/LANG 1403 OR CORE/LANG 1404 OR LANG 1003 (prior to 2022-23); (For DSCT only) LANG 2010 OR LANG 2030; (For all others) LANG 2030
(For COMP and DSCT) COMP 4910 OR COMP 4981 OR COMP 4981H ; (For CPEG) CPEG 4901 OR CPEG 4902 OR CPEG 4910; (For COSC) Nil

A one-term, major-specific language course for CSE students, and for CPEG and DSCT students undertaking a CSE Final Year Project or Final Year Thesis. The course focuses on report writing and presentations, and communication in professional contexts relevant to the disciplines.