LANG 1415

Intermediate Reading and Writing for Non-Chinese Language Background Students

LANG 1412, LANG 1413, LANG 1416, LANG 1421, LANG 1422, LANG 1423, LANG 1117, LANG 1123 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1124 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1125 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1126 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1127 (prior to 2022-23)

The course is designed for students with non-Chinese language background who have learned Chinese for less than 100 tuition hours. It aims to enhance students’ ability to recognize and write Chinese characters, and to help develop their understanding of written Chinese and writing competence in using Chinese in daily life and social situations. After successfully completing the course, they will be able to recognize and write commonly used Chinese characters, understand narrative, expository and basic argumentative texts, and write short passages for daily life and social purposes.