LABU 2040

Business Case Analyses

CORE 1403 OR CORE 1404 OR LANG 1003 (prior to 2022-23)
LABU 2050 (prior to 2017-18), LABU 2051, LABU 2052

This course seeks to equip students with persuasive communication skills, both oral and written, through analyzing business cases and presenting solutions to problems identified. It provides students with a solid framework and hands-on practice to communicate persuasively and professionally in business settings. In presenting the case problem, analysis and recommendations, students learn to identify issues, develop and organize key ideas, and eventually to persuade the audience of the validity of the arguments and proposed actions. The course sharpens students' ability to explain and support ideas logically, coherently and cohesively using various techniques, to communicate clearly, concisely and accurately, and in appropriate tone and style. Through a range of learning activities involving reading, discussion, writing and making oral presentations, students also develop critical reading, critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as teamwork and leadership skills. For students who have this course as a program requirement.