LANG 1414

Elementary Reading and Writing for Non-Chinese Language Background Students

LANG 1412, LANG 1413, LANG 1415, LANG 1416, LANG 1421, LANG 1422, LANG 1423, LANG 1117, LANG 1121 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1122 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1123 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1124 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1125 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1126 (prior to 2022-23), LANG 1127 (prior to 2022-23)

The course is designed for non-Chinese language background students who have learned Chinese for less than 50 tuition hours.It aims to equip students with Chinese reading and writing skills for daily and social purposes through a range of familiar topics. After successfully completing the course, students will have acquired a basic knowledge of Chinese characters, be able to identify information from simple passages,and write basic sentences to introduce themselves and describe their daily lives.